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RC model shop

In the RC model shop you can find RC combustion models, nitro cars, RC electric model cars, tuning parts, accessories, RC model airplanes, RC helicopters, model boat making and all makes of slot cars.

RC monster truck model

Tuning tips for rc model making:

Tuning tips for RC cars, nitro combustion motor, electric model cars and RC sport suspension model.  All tuning parts and model making accessories are available from the shop.

Tuning rims

In the gallery are collector's models 1:18, tuning models, a minichamps Formula 1 collection and a cool RC Hummer video:

rc model car hummer Collectors model car Lamborhini
Ferrari model car collection BMW M5 tuning model car

Tuning model cars

To make the route precarious in the model making for model cars is an exciting hobby.  But what if, at some point your car is too sluggish for your driving conditions and you no longer like the look of your model car?  Then, model tuning is the right answer.  Similar to the tuning of real cars there are almost no limits, whether it is the combustion engine that you are starting up, raise the cool rims and slicks, change the bodywork of the model, or change other tuning parts, almost anything is possible when tuning models and it is never boring, because all along new tuning parts can be built in and the tuning is great fun.

Car Tuning special:

Auto special: Great pictures and tuning reports of a VW Polo G40, VW Golf 1 GTI and a VW Corrado G60:

Car model VW Polo Car model VW Corrado Car model VW Golf

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